Thursday, August 12, 2004

I protest, we protest

When 11-M in Madrid happened everybody was aghast by the horror it caused to Spain and Europe. Everybody was wondering if it was the equivalent of 11-S in New York. Indeed it was after Spanish authorities (some of them tried to manipulate the information so to stay in power longer-Aznar and Co. blaming erroneously ETA for it) found out that the culprits were the terrorist group Al Qaeda. However, the Spanish people as well residents (let's not forget there was a Filipino victim there too) fed up with the lies of the former Spanish government officials decided to end this brazen maneuvering by sending messages to their friends and families to rally against these liars. Some went to the headquarter of the PP (People's Party) in order to air their disgust and blame the officials for their secrecy regarding 11-M. Thus, massive mobilization through text messaging in Spain started. And the end of Aznarism began.

Now on the other side of the Atlantic, as Americans prepare for the crucial November elections the effect of massive text messaging trend is just starting to be felt:
Text Messages for Critical Masses. Here's wishing that Americans utilize this new tool to save their government from liars in the present administration just like Spanish people accurately have done recently.

Anyone want to join me for a peace rally in Barcelona? I'll massive-text you for the venue! Better go to the beach myself - alone!


Blogger solo flite said...

Nice site. random blogging :)

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Blogger Joseph said...

Thanks for visiting. You're welcome to browse my blog as long as you wish. Ba't di mo 'ko sinali sa links mo? Mabuhay ang UP! Heheehehe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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