Friday, September 30, 2005

New blog site

As I am too busy with two jobs - translation/interpretation and administration - it'll be difficult for me to find time to update my blog here. Since I always check my emails on hotmail, I created a blog there with pics and music included. It'll be a mix of private and professional diary. Wishing that colleagues and clients continue to visit this and the new blog too. Here's the other blog in MSN: Translator and dreamer

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fair Trial for Paco Larrañaga

Today I received a call from SEPROTEC for an interpretation job on Monday in a hospital in Barcelona. As I am working full time at the moment, I turned the offer because of incompatibility with my job. Tagalog translators and interpreters in this Spanish city are so scarce I think we're only 3 or 4 so it's difficult to get our service.

I'd like to publish as well here in my blog the petition of many Spanish people to have a fair trial for Paco Larrañaga presumably one of the suspects of the abduction, murder and rape case of the two sisters Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong in Cebu City. The Spanish government as well as the European Union are now taking actions to appeal to the decision of the Supreme Court in the Philippines. For more details and for your much needed signature, please visit Qué website:

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Translation of script

After going to Nokia Club Service Point in Gran Vía to pick up my two free tickets to the film The Incredibles (the store was already closed), I went to have lunch in typical Spanish restaurant. While there I received a phone call from a client in UK for a translation job. I barely heard her since everybody was shouting (mind you this is not the normal talk here in Spain) while eating!

I instructed the client to send me the document and arranged the mode of payment. We agreed to have the translated text delivered on Monday.

No holiday for me - Spain has a long weekend this week from today until the 8th!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Found time at last! Wow Philippines!

Whew! After a long "hibernation" - I've been too busy with my other full time work - I have found time to at least update this blog of mine.

During these last 3 days, I was assisting the Philippine Department of Tourism Attachè in Paris and PICC Manager (Robet Garcia) in their daily dealings with potential tourism clients in EIBTM fair in Barcelona. It was a big event for me to be able to participate in this "promotion" of our country to the world especially the Europeans. It's about time that we become "aggressive" in our publicity of the Philippines. I've learned a lot from the presentations done by Mr. Domingo Ramón Enerio a.k.a Chikoy. Visitors as well as delegates from other countries praised the booth we set up - the Boracay white sandy beach as a backdrop. It was a pity that nobody from the private sector came to this international happening. The interpretation/translation task I did here was almost nil since everyone spoke English. My wish is that they open a Tourism Bureau also in Barcelona to help boost the promotion and marketing of Philippine tourism in Spain.

It was so nice to meet and make friends with other Filipinos living in Norway, the USA and Belgium. I am looking forward to seeing them again here in Barcelona for the next EIBTM fair or even sooner.