Monday, August 09, 2004

Dreams and translation

It was daytime, afternoon or maybe night time. The only thing I was sure and could remember was I was inside a church or a theater - it was dark with the only source of light was my own eyes' white part.

I was standing right in front of the stage as the lone "actress" dressed in yellow Victorian gown and cap lay awake in bed like the grandmother of Little Red Riding Hood. Waiting anxiously about what to happen next, my eyes just saw in New York minute hands with cake or rice offering to me first as a gift and then to the old woman protagonist on stage. There were more people in the amphitheater (suddenly I realized what it was) watching anxiously the scene. The next thing I could recollect was I needed to go to the bathroom and pee...

Startling though they may seem, my dreams have been recurring in the last year or two: dogs biting me or even gnashing my limbs, swimming naked or half-naked, flying too low on an airplane, winding stairs with missing rungs and of ocurse, the worst of all, the stage. As I have read in one of those books tackling the interpretation of dreams, the stage is the equivalent or a premonition of an imminent danger or bad happening. I tried to keep record of these recurring dreams and one thing I noticed is that, in particular the stage scene, really has a true effect and happens to me. Just this weekend my lodgers left the house without saying goodbye but the promise of paying their share this week. Where in the hell will I find them now? My dream two nights back was right. Or it was my "interpretation" or metaphorically speaking my "translation" of that particular dream?

An interesting read about dreams and translation can be found here:

Dreaming and the Impossible Art of Translation

Thanks Jacek for this informative link!


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