Sunday, July 18, 2004

PITPIT: Is it a bird, a plane...?

It reminds me of the classic song in the 70's I think by Celeste Legaspi and written by the master lyricist himself, Levi Celerio  (Guinness Book of World Records: "The only leaf player in the world is in the Philippines"): 

May pumukol sa pipit sa sanga ng isang kahoy  (Somebody shot a pipit perched in a branch of a tree)
At nahagip ng bato ang pakpak ng munting ibon (And the wing of the little bird was hit by a stone)
Dahil sa sakit, di na nakaya pang lumipad (It couldn't fly no more because of the pain)
At ang nangyari ay nahulog (And what happened was it fell)
Ngunit parang taong bumigkas, (But it spoke like a man,)
"Mamang kay lupit, ang puso mo'y di na nahabag, ("Cruel man, your heart pity has none)
Pag pumanaw ang buhay ko (If my life be gone)
May isang pipit na iiyak!"      (Another pipit shall moan) 

Pitpit is a Spanish word which refers to this bird we call pipit in both English and Tagalog. It caught my attention the other night when a Spanish man talked about this cute species. The word could have pass onto to Tagalog by deleting the t in the first syllable for easy pronunciation. Or it could be just through an imitation of its onomatopeic way of singing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats my last name

11:19 PM  
Blogger -=Pit=- said...

and that's my nickname too! derived from my dad's nickname which is "pitong" lol

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey its my last name too. cool.

4:56 AM  

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