Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Funny thing happened in FNAC

I was browsing the other novel of Dan Brown (got really interested in his books about conspiracies, spies and secret societies ) "Angels and Demons" in FNAC bookstore when someone unknown called me on my mobile phone. Surprised and a bit suspicious on who the caller was, my throat reluctantly gargled the words "Hola, diga." Then on the other line I heard a sweet voice of a non-native Spanish speaker who told me she found my details in the web. Hmmm, a line in the novel "Angels and Demons" described a scenario like this one... My paranoia was getting in on me but fast! Had she not introduced herself as a half-Belgian, half-Filipina I would not definitely have kept the conversation going in the first place. Later, I found out that she would like to know more about the art of Translation and of course, the one thing that matters most - its profitability. She also told me that she considers learning Tagalog again since she got a job that needs to be translated in our native language. So I agreed to meet up with her on Thursday afternoon to talk about these matters. Another opportunity lurks just around the corner of Via Laietana...


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