Thursday, July 22, 2004

Festilingua 2004

An exciting event will unfold in Barcelona during the last warm days of September and first few cool days of October. After having a reunion with fellow teachers and translators at

Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mundo

for this forum of languages of the world, I have decided to include a promotion here in my blog so that people will know about it.

The tentative program is the following:

Around the world of languages in 7 days

-Promotion of Languages and Cultures

Marathon of Languages of the World

-Continuous language lessons in 65 languages

Workshop on Calligraphy

Linguistic Conference

Conference on Culture

So to recap, there will be 7 complete days to learn the basics of these languages, conferences and other cultural activities. Various embassies will participate in this event too. If anyone's interested in attending or just to see how this happening develops, please click on the right sidebar under Instituto de Lenguas y Culturas del Mundo.


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